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Battery Charge Speed and Notch.

We have come to love Nokia over the years and I have personally used the E-Series in the past. Frankly the expectations I had for Nokia 6.1 plus was huge. Sadly it has turned out to be a major disappointment. 1. The so called fast charger takes 2 hours to complete a full charge. My previous phone , 2.5 years old roughly 40% cheaper than 6.1 plus charges 100% in 45 mins. Sad that even 2 years later we have to put up with such low charging speeds. Rapid charging functions intermittently. 2. I agree that Nokia 6.1 plus comes with a notch and the out-of-the box model gave us an option to hide it if required. And this flexibility to the user was removed in the August patch. All we request is a fast response to our concerns and keeping our interests in mind before releasing your future patches.
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 user1534839910137, The charger which comes in the box isn't a fast charger. Phone supports fast charging but the charger provided isn't one. We have to purchase one for fast charging.

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