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Screen contrast or image enhancement


I got the new nokia 6.1 plus and i noticed that the screen contrast or you can say image contrast is very high in this phone.

And there is a option to increase the contrast but not to decrease it.

Red looks close to pink. Any dark color looks even darker. Any image in instagram or facebook looks more contrast, colors get darker and slightly blurry. Is there a fix for this?

Even the app icons color and notifications color looks highly contrast.

And when i take any pic, the image enhancement is also on the higher contrast side, looks like i'm taking pic with some filter added. Has anybody noticed this? and is there a solution for this? Or nokia can update this in some way. Need help guys. Thank you.

I did not receive my order yet , bro.. . . . .:(

oh okay, but once you get let me know what do you feel about the color contrast of images.

It's unbearable for me.

Yup, I have the same issue. Its mainly obvious on bright red colours which look pink. Really hope they fix this soon.

 i sold my phone. 

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