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Camera, Face Unlock

I recently ordered Nokia 6.1 plus from Nokia website and it gets delivered slightly late but everything is bearable, but in 15999 Rs Nokia will not provide good camera as well as face unlock function is not there in the device.

is there any announcement or promised by Nokia to provide face unlock and camera improvement in the nearer future?

Otherwise, I will return it and purchase another company's device in the same or below price range.

Face unlock option is there, but doesn't seem to be working.

I set up face unlock, but it never worked.

Go to settings -> Security & location -> Smart lock -> give password if you have set password -> Trusted face -> Set up -> next, it will scan your face and set the screen lock but it never worked for me.

I too need help on this

It was not face unlock feature. It is just smart lock.

But that's what face unlock does, just name is different.

It should detect your face after lock and unlock the phone, that's what it says. But never worked for me. I too opted to return the product, lets see what happens. Check the below issue, if you also experience the same then let me know.

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