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hello everyone I bought Nokia 6.1 plus. i want to buy Quick charge 3.0 Charger. plz suggest me charger if you have purchased and used in nokia phones. Because nokia store does not have Wall Adapter which is worst thing i have seen. Even Customer support is not good for my particular question. If possible give link of the charger.

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Why you wanna buy another charger...charger comes with phone, charge my phone fully in just 1 hr 20min.
my bro. I don't how you could say that. but my charger is taking 2 hrs to charge 0 to 100% even you can chek Every single YouTube video of charging of nokia 6.1 plus. you will get same time. That is why i want to buy Quick charge 3.0. otherwise 10W charger provided in the box in normal charger , it can not charge in 1 hr 20 min at all.

 use mi quick charge 3.0...i am using this and charges phone quickly.. it supports quick charge 3.0.costs 449

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mi quick charger 3.0

use it its the best

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Pls mention with mi quick charger how much it charges in first 30 min and total time for full charge
point to be noted --> Nokia in India hasn't said anything regarding Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 support as even on the website it says Fast charge support which basically is Fast charge over USB C. I wouldn't recommend using any Qualcomm Quick Charger untill some confirmation comes from Nokia. "The Problem" ---> Quick chargers changes voltage from 5 volts to upto 12 volts which depletes battery age earlier then its expected lifespan due to rapid charging , since Nokia provided only 5 volts charger you should try the get charger with 5 volts and higher amperage e.g 3 Amps which gives 15 watts instead of 10 watts from the stock.

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