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Camera App v 90.9.1123.20 No flash and where is the "Live Bokeh" option?


it seems that I got a new version of the Nokia camera app and it isn't working great.

The main two problems are:

  1. I can not find the Bokeh function in the new app. That was the only good thing the nokia got camerawise. Where is the bokeh function now?
  2. When flash is activated I can not take any pictures. It allways results in an "Action not support: 706" error


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Nokia released the wrong update again. Uninstall it
I have the same version, and the flash works but not the bokeh effect. Weird.
I had this fault as well. Then the following day I had another update come through which fixed it. The first update waz about 250MB and the second about 22MB
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