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got another update

today recieved another update with 76 mb and installed . did anyone recieve

Me too...But what was it about as security patch is still Aug 2018

More updates we are not getting in the UK! Still on July security update

Yes even I got the update. Haven't installed it yet. But what's the purpose and changelog?

i too dont know image

I too got the update in India!
The volume controls while playing media seems to be broken. While playing videos in chrome and whatsapp changing the volume from the hard keys changes call volume by default instead of media volume.
Yes i got the update from Chennai ..
Same update here in Spain.
Looks like a new kernel update

I am facing lag with the Google Keyboard after this update, I am so dissapointed.

Nothing is there only security patch of August when will the pie come
Security patch of August had already rolled last month. I think this just a kernel update
It's still showing 1 August security so when in September will we get pie
Maybe pie update is round the corner. Camera app on play store is on version 9.0
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