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Today got an update for my nokia 7 plus .Want to know what is it about

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The volume controls while playing media seems to be broken. While playing videos in chrome and whatsapp changing the volume from the hard keys changes call volume by default instead of media volume.

The update is just about the new Kernel and nothing else. There is no apparent UI changes or any new performance improvements and no new Security Patches. Just they might be pushing some prerequisites needed for Pie Upgrade. The Pie Update seems to be around the corner.

It activates the google messages new material design 2 with dark mode.

Arnova's Gcam mods working now

@user1529438998112 That doesn't have anything to do with this update. The Android Messages Material Design theme is activated by the app's update and not software update. I have been  using the app with material design for a month now.

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