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OZO Audio, Quiet 3rd party Apps.

Hi, I've been using the Nokia 6.1 (2018) for a few weeks now, and I noticed that snapchat,instagram and twitter videos have very quiet audio.

The audio is so quiet that I've gotten several complaints that even at full volume people can't hear it.

In the camera app and open camera app, the audio is fine, and I noticed "OZO audio" appears in the middle of the screen when I start to record in the camera app.

Is there a way to enable OZO audio in snapchat,instagram and twitter?

Are Nokia aware of this issue and is anyone working to solve this problem?

I tried to use an external microphone, but sadly the external microphone only works in Open Camera and the Camera app.

Any help would be great as I'm currently considering changing handsets due to this oversight. 

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