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My Nokia 7 plus fully updated android 8.1 but faceunlock options not show...why?

My Nokia 7 plus does not support faceunlock..plzz help me..

Have you checked in the "Smart Lock" option in "Security&Location" settings. It would be labeled as "Trusted Face". Please check once.

Yes sir I will check all options ...
@1428 firstly smart unlock (trusted face) is not face unlock, you still need to unlock the device with code for that, face unlock is direct unlock when looking the camera (front) same as when you put your pin or pattern, Nokia has not yet provided that option and as per tweet from juho it's still under some observations

@mehtasameer2087: Not sure if you have tried setting up Trusted Face and then tried to unlock the device just by face recognition (no need for pin or fingerprint). 

On my device, it works exactly as expected. When the trusted face (actually multiple faces) is configured, the device unlocks without needing anything else. In fact, if one looks closely towards the bottom of the lock screen when Trusted Face recognition is successful, one would see a 'unlocked lock' icon appear exactly where the fingerprint icon was being shown. The problem is that after a successful face unlock, the lock screen doesn't automatically disappear, even though the phone has been unlocked and the 'unlocked lock' icon is visible. One still needs to swipe up to dismiss the lock screen and that may be causing the confusion for some users. That said, Trusted Face is the mechanism to do Face Unlock and is working as expected. Please try it out again observe that 'unlocked' icon. 

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