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Do you get your mobile in india,In How many days?Is this scam?

Hi all,

Is Nokia going to deliver the mobile in India or it is just a scam.


In 2 days.
I got it in 4 day in Bihar

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the very next day. from flipkart

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Yes flipcart delivers 10 times faster than Nokia. My order Is placed 10 day ago still waiting.

Whats your first 3 digits of order ID ?

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I have ordered on 1st September. My order number is 27***. I haven’t received any details till now. I am from Chennai.
I can now track my order, it's showing its in my city and I will get my device by tomorrow afternoon.

im also from chennai. i ordered on 6th 12 pm and got it on 7th 12:30 pm

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You ordered from flipcart or Nokia??
@user1534910678988 sorry dear can't share it.

i ordered from Flipkart

@Swapnil,  Thats fine , no issues

Hi All,

happy to inform you that i got my Nokia 6.1 plus today 1 PM. I ordered it on 2nd sept via Nokia site and receive it on 10 the sept. so you can estimate how much time it take for your order. it's clear now that nokia is definitely going to provide mobiles. But we can say that the speed of delivery is less than the speed of tortoise.  Thanks for your replies,i wish you too get your nokia devices quickly.

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