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Broken camera glass :(

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Hi all,

Today my phone slipped out of my pocket onto the pavement whilst I was sat at a cafe, so no more than 30cm to the ground. Thankfully no serious damage (just scratches to the corners and back), but I was very surprised to see that the protective cover over the camera lens had cracked. The crack is at the monochrome end and thankfully doesn't appear to be over the lens, just to the side. On closer inspection I can see that this lens protector was already getting some small scratches. I had expected this cover to be gorilla glass like the screen, but it appears to be cheap glass or clear plastic - very disappointing for a high-tech camera on a high-end phone.

Anyone have any idea if it can be easily fixed? Or does it require full disassembly?

Cheers :) Tear down video is saying , camera unit is replaceable.

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Looks to me like the glass cover is held on top of the frame with some glue, so heat and a thin knife should do the job. Finding that single part for sale is another question, if you do, tell me too.

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@Navaneethakumar, thanks for the link. It's not actually the camera which is the problem, it's the plastic which covers it.

@Ignas, good observation thanks. Since the crack isn't in the way of the lens then I'll leave it for now. If I have to fix it and find a part I'll post on here.

Cheers :)

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