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Network and Storage Hardware in Nokia 7 plus

Recently I have been facing network issue with this device. When I checked the network hardware, I was utterly disappointed that this device uses CAT 6 which is almost four years old. Whereas even a Rs. 10,000 buck phones nowadays use CAT12 or CAT 13. They should have given us atleast CAT12 beacuse it is the most important feature of a phone. Nokia has made a fool of us. Also the storage hardware is old age emmc not ufs which is also disappointing considering the price range of this phone. I regret buying this phone on the brand value of Nokia.

That YouTube video 
@4572 Where do you stay and what the maximum throughput provided by your service provider for upload and download speed
@sameer it's not about speed. It's about poor call connectivity which is the problem. Anyways had to deal with it as I have bought it.
Ok, will I am not facing any call quality issues I am on Vodafone as well as Jio Maharashtra circle , which SP are you using?
@samir I am using Vodafone and the network level jumps up and down in the same room and when the phone is in my pocket in that same room there is no signal. I agree in my area there is a bit signal problem but had there been a better network hardware the network level would have been stable. I am happy that you don't face such problem but can't say the same about me.
@4572,well I hope you have already tried a factory reset ,if not try it from the android menu mode not the factory reset from inside the phone,,plus you can also try to flash the OS from side load method or one more suggestion would be to move to android p beta dp4,if you don't like it then roll back by side load method by downloading files from XDA forums I think the problem is with the firmware got corrupt files or something
By android menu I mean holding the volume and power key combinations,you search on you tube for the video for it
Upgrade the carrier services from play store and clear the cache by force stopping it from settings --apps see if it helps first before doing all the above
@sameer thank you for your solutions. I am waiting for android p stable update. I hope it will improve.
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