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Accessories Limited Stock Issues (Internationally)

During the release of NOKIA 5 and 6 last year (2017). I've informed already the NOKIA and HMD Global thru Emails, Live Chat Channels, Social Media Channels and also Nokia authorized-store about the issue of Unavailability of NOKIA Accessories worldwide. Here in the Philippines we reported already about the issue until now we can't buy a Genuine NOKIA Accessories for our NOKIA Android Phones as what NOKIA Website showed in Accessories Category. Note: We already reached out the NOKIA Philippines and Authorize NOKIA Dealers. They'd mentioned that there are not selling NOKIA Accessories due to HMD Global Policy (No Concrete Reason/Explanation). My point here is we are so frustrated and disappointed as a Nokia Customer why we should to invest our Money and Trust to the NOKIA and HMD Global that the both Company can't Provide a better Service in their loyal customers. For almost One Year of follow-up, we tried our best to help the NOKIA and HMD Global to fix the Problem but I guess we suspect that Two Companies are not interested to voice out our sentiments as a/we loyal customer here in the Philippines it is time to Give Up with NOKIA Products because we know that there is another Brand are worth it to invest just because of better service for it's customers.

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It is very strange that HMD won't sell Nokia branded accessories in all countries where Nokia phones are sold.

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madbilly. This the Biggest Issue faced by NOKIA and HMD Global now. They're announcing always in MWC that they also offers an Accessories for our NOKIA Android but unfortunately you can't buy it On-Hand if you're staying especially in South-East Asian Countries then Including Asia-Pacific Countries. Both UK and USA you can buy it easily and no-hassle. In other words, NOKIA and HMD Global will look also for this kind of Crucial Problem in it's Customers.

Then, We found out that you're "Community Hero" here at NOKIA Community. We should grab this opportunity to Address this issue to the Relevant Department of NOKIA and HMD Global.

Thanks if you read this. (We hope you will reply back for any suggestions)

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I agree that it's really frustrating to see a product announced and not be able to buy it. I just looked (at random) the accessories page for India:

Lots of accessories listed, but you can't actually buy very many of them! This is weird. It's crazy that HMD can manage to get high-tech equipment (the smartphones) to countries all over the world but not a piece of plastic (premium clear case!). HMD should realise that many people want to have official accessories, made by the same company that build their phone. One reason they want this is so that they can still have the Nokia brand written on it. If HMD don't make their accessories available then customers who want branded accessories have to buy unofficial, "counterfeit" products. HMD and Nokia would obviously object, but that's not really fair if the official products aren't available to buy, is it?

HMD, I hope you're listening?

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Your Answers is True.

You know what we are already aware the Issue of NOKIA Accessories during the NOKIA 6, 5 and 3 (The Old Version Phones). During the Announcement of both NOKIA and HMD Global in MWC that was Last Year. HMD Global announce also that their a NOKIA Accessories for NOKIA Android Phones as what NOKIA Official Website Shows (Accessories Category).

But many NOKIA Loyal Customers are not aware why NOKIA Accessories is so Delayed or even Not Releasing to it's NOKIA Authorized Stores and Third Party Retailers.


But it's very obvious that why both NOKIA and HMD Global are still facing this kind of Issue. It is almost 2 YEARS ago the Official Announcement of NOKIA Android Phones and NOKIA Accessories.

As a NOKIA Loyal Customer/s we expect that they'll find a SOLUTION for Releasing and Distributing Internationally like Original NOKIA Accessories exclusively for our NOKIA Android Phones.

Today. It's very unlucky that NOKIA and HMD Global not finding any Solutions about this Complaints.

(midbilly: Please Tag other Moderator here if they have a Suggestions, Ideas and Feedbacks)


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@JeffianFM, I'm not a moderator and am not employed or paid by HMD. I am in the same position as you, I have no other privileges nor rights. The "Community Hero" badge is just that - a badge. I try to join in as many discussions as I can and to help people, just like others on the forum - in fact, I would say that there are many people who contribute much more to the forum than I do, and who are more deserving of the "community hero" badge.

So, whilst I would like to bring this issue closer to the attention of HMD management, I cannot, though I have noted the topic as one to watch.

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Okay. We understand the situation madbilly.

We hope that you can tag other Users/Moderator because this open for us. And let them to share their Experiences regarding the Genuine NOKIA Accessories.

I hope you read this :)

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Of course I read it, I follow all threads that I post on :)

Tagging doesn't work in this forum, e.g @JeffianFM and @madbilly do nothing, it's just a helpful way for us to make it clear who we're writing to, but it doesn't send notifications to anyone. This is another shortfall of this forum software (Freshdesk) which is only really intended for customer support, not community discussion. Laura told us several months ago that new software will come soon, I hope it will include tagging.

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