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UK TA-1055 Updates

Has anyone in the UK had any updates recently? My phone is unlocked and using a GiffGaff SIM. I'm still on the July Security Patch, and now it seems people are receiving another patch on top of the August one. I had to manually force the July update after buying the phone. It's really poor from Nokia, especially as it's supposed to be an Android One phone.... Not impressed.

I'm on Vodafone, nothing since July. How did you force the update? I'm really annoyed, we were promised monthly updates. That's the reason why I bought the phone.
When I bought the phone in June, I think it was on the February update, and it was on here how to force the July update, which I can't remember, but it was quite simple. I haven't had the August update, I'm hoping we get Pie in a few weeks and the latest security update will be included. It's annoying that we seem to be left behind here in the UK.
I also have the unlocked version, but I have never needed to force an update. I am still on the July update too. By the looks of things for us, I think the august update will be skipped, and I think pie and September patch will be the next update. 

We're not necessarily left behind, we got the july update earlier than others 

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I was in exactly the same situation as the OP: TA-1055, UK, SIM free, GiffGaff, stuck on July security update.

In the end I just installed the August security update from here - all good, and received an additional OTA update a day or so after.

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When you say installed from here . Where is here could you please be more specific thanks's a link.

Same position here, o I'm hoping August just skipped in anticipation of Pie...
Thanks got it
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