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Camera issues

Hello, Does anyone have this problem where when you go from photo mode to video mode (slow motiom or time lapse) the camera goes black? When i enter the gallery and exit it the cam fixes itself. Also regarding the pro update i updated my camera the whole interface changed then i noticed that the interface went back to normal like the update didnt happen.. Any help?

I don't but then again it depends on what camera you are running, Nokia issued 2 updates yesterday one wrong one and one right one.

How do i know im running vers 8. Something which is the update before thqt i had ver 9. Something is there a way to fix it? Cause i also have a problem with mirror image ...
IDK about mirror because that feature was available only with version 90 of the camera (which had lots of faults) that I'm not using. But about the black recording, it happen to me too

I had no issues with version 90. HMD are the only manufacturer I know of that releases an update to the camera app, has issues on a few devices so they then pull and downgrade the camera app rather than release a fix for the one they initially released.

So what should i do? Wait for a fix or download the app if i find it somewhere else? Format my phone and try redownloading everything hoping it gets fixed?

@MrBelter There was no "wrong" update as it actually updated the camera app that was installed, if it was the wrong one then it either wouldn't have worked or would have refused to install but they pulled and downgraded the camera app for some reason.

@user1536406040608 Check for updates in the Play Store as there should be an "update" that downgrades the camera to the previous version.

Do you also have this issue?
Do you have any idea how i can fix this?

I didn't have the same issue as you but there should be another update on the Play Store that downgrades the camera to the previous version.

This is exactly my issue, the app downgraded itself and i cant reupdate it to the 9.0... version with all the features

Ah, there's no way around it unfortunately.

Well this sucks, im considering formatting my phone maybe itll help

That's probably the best thing to try, could be that when the camera was downgraded something got left behind and it's causing issues.

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