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Greenish-cool display - Novatek V07

Hello Community, Hello Nokia,

For more than one month i have difficulties getting a Nokia 7 Plus (black) with an accurate color display. The first model i had a few weeks ago had a greenish / cool display, which i immediately detected by comparing to my girlfriends Nokia 7 plus (white) TA-1046.  So i sent my model back and ordered an other one, same result. Sent it back.

So i visited a big eletronics market in Germany and checked their Nokia 7 Plus, which was exposed in their store. It had awesome colors and i decided to order a Nokia 7 Plus from their online shop. It just arrived today and guess what. It had these greenish / cold looking colors.

So now what i found out so far: On all these phones I checked in the System Options -> Information about phone -> Touch panel version (second from bottom).

It comes out that my girlfriends phone and the one i have seen in the store has a "07 - Goodix-V1.017.16". The other 3 phones with color tint the same entry says: "Novatek-V07 - Goodix-V1-017.16".

All compared phones were TA-1046. Please dont tell me to do the OTA updates. Done it all. They dont affect the panel version.

There is no single entry on the web about this topic. All i want is a somewhat color accurate display on my phone since i am a photographer and want something not too much standing out from my other monitors i work on.

I would like to have an explanation and a hint how to get such a "07" version of this phone in black. 

Does someone have a similar experience? I am guessing that the early models were built with different (better) displays. That would explain the overall very positive reviews on the internet. Now it seems to be hard to get one of these. This act of selling worse hardware after the reviews are out is scandalous.

I already spent too much time struggling with this phone and have almost given it up. My last try is to get some help here.

Have a good day

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