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Why does nokia 3.1 comes with oreo 8.0?

Hi why a New phone like nokia 3.1 does not come with 8.1? When ir will be launcher? This is an android one doesn t make ANY se se we continue with 8.0. The previois phone i had was an android one and had 8.1 for months... Wake up nokia!!!

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The Nokia 3.1 has Android 8.1 in many countries. What is more strange, is that the newer Nokia 5.1 has just Android 8.0.

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Not in my country... IT doesn make sense once its an android one... ABOUT nokia 5.1 is even stranger... Android pie is just around the corner and they keep launching handsets with android 8.0... Once again, wake up Nokia or People start once again running away. You dont want to lose this moment

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I just purchased a Nokia 3.1 in Australia. 

The firmware is Android 8.0

I thought being Androidone mean't the manufacturer was providing up to date firmware?

Did I just make an expensive mistake?

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It's getting Oreo 8.1 in india

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I hope they fixed the buggy camera app with it's "can't connect to camera" nonsense in 8.0

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The update size is around 1125MB in size & saying Revamped power menu New settings menu Bluetooth battery percentage Goggle security patch 2018-09 Improved system stability

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Thanks Appu

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