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Nokia 7 plus does not use 2x Optical Zoom


So the Nokia 7 plus is supposed to have a Secondary telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom. But there is no way(not that I am aware of) in the Nokia camera app to use that lens.

There is a button for 2x zoom in the camera interface. But when you click that the secondary camera is not used. It is digitally zooms with the primary lens.

I was curious if the telephoto lens is actually being used or not, so i clicked different pictures with 1x and 2x zoom and when I compared the info of the pictures, both the 1x as well as 2x pictures were using the same 12.2MP/f1.8 lens.

This makes the secondary lens just a decoration if you can't use it. (unless for the portrait shots, which I don't think is very convenient, but that's another story).

Am I missing something here? Is there a way to use the optical zoom features or is Nokia missing so something.

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Hey I too am facing the same problem only the top camera is used for both 1x and 2x the secondary camera is not used at all i guess
Yep. I read somewhere (I don't have the source sorry) that when you are in a low light conditions, the primary lens is used to give u the 2x zoom just because the primary lens has a 1.8 aperture to absorb more light in dark. In a good day light the 2x zoom just works like it works normally. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong here. Peace.
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