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voLTE option in Nokia X5

Hi, I bought Nokia X5 from China , I learnt later that this phone is not have voLTE option, anyhow later I got it just by updating the OS in India. But before that I contacted customer support for the same issue and started online chatting with half knowledge gentleman. He couldn't give this simple solution of upgrading the OS, instead he guaranteed the this phone will not get any support in India.if so, what is the meaning of Nokia being a global brand.There is lot more to say about the support I recieved but let it be. I hope I cleared my point. I request Nokia to make sure the customer is getting good support globally. Regards, Ganesha.
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Honestly speaking, no brand will provide you support for a device which is purchased from another country. The only exception being a few products which come with an international warranty.

Also, the X5 is a device exclusive to China. The software is unique, as per the requirements of the country and, the global support knows nothing about these phones. So, I think their replies are justified for a device which is not launched in India and when it does, it will run a different software. That said, Nokia support barely gives proper responses to even devices which are already launched, so that needs a big improvement.

And to my understanding, only Jio's VoLTE will work on the Nokia X5 in India. The other operators such as Idea/Airtel shall not provision VoLTE on the device. Do let me know if it is different in your case.

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