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Bluetooth Doesn't See Device

Bluetooth is on. Device is known to work (successfully paired with another phone). Bluetooth cache cleared on my phone.

Device does not appear when trying to pair on my phone. Any further ideas?

Hey unfortunately for you,,what u can do is just avaoid using Bluetooth,,Nokia will fix it if they want or not fix,,you have the right to buy a borken piece of hardware like Nokia ,,just next time don't buy it again ur better off with a xiaomo,one plus or oppo

Blue tooth on the 6.1 is a bit flaky.  I know Android 8 had many issues when it was first released, so it is hard to know exactly where the problem lies.  I find sometimes I need to scan for devices multiple times until they appear in the list.  Make sure the device you are connecting to is discoverable,  and try scanning multiple times in the hope it appears in the list.  I am hoping either Nokia or Android fix some of the bluetooth issues soon.

There is always a bug with all update One or the other things gets problem Y can't Nokia provide a proper update for this model
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