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Widevine L1 supported

I couldn't believe Nokia got Widevine L1 supported on Nokia 6.1+ which is necessary for playing HD content over Netflix or Amazon Prime. Kudos!! It's understandable that Nokia 6.1+ is a bit costly than offerings from other manufacturers but minor yet very important features make up for that. Phones like Poco F1 seem dumb when you have 1080p+ screen but you can't go up 540p.

Our phone supports lots of things which is not coming in this price range...waiting for new Nokia with clear black display and Carl Zeiss lens....
well that's not entirely true...still Nokia 6.1+ is pretty good phone for the price...Well m not that excited for any new Nokia phone coz m left with only one kidney. Smoker's kidney don't sell for much :D
I will buy another Nokia after 2-3 years... enjoying Nokia Android one combination....happy with my 6.1 plus...my friends also wanna buy but out of stock currently

also. FYI. Widevine L1 integration is complete free. Not only Poco. No Xiaomi Phones has it. idk why tho

yes, manufacturers don't have to pay Widevine anything but the phones need to pass through the certification process which I assume takes time so some manufacturers just skip and focus on other important aspects.

I just heard of DRM and was looking all over the internet. And it is a great feeling to know that my phone does support DRM L1. I just had to get this phone and I did, no regrets whatsoever. Thanks Nokia for not being cheap. Nokia and Andriod One - Still a better love story than Twilight.

Any problem with mic??

Akash, I have not faced any issues with the mic as of yet. In fact over a call people are saying they can hear me more clearly. Only issue I'd say is the camera. But I can ignore that as I don't do much photography with my phone. The camera is decent enough to click good pictures.
Just adding one more service, which other phones with same specs like note 5 pro does not support is arcore by google, and 6.1 plus support it.
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