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Camera problems (unrelated to update)

Hi all, I've had my 8 since December, and for the most part, absolutely great phone, however, I am having issues with the camera, it's always done it but it's not that often that the scenario comes about and I always forget to post about it. Anyway, my regular camera is pretty sluggish to react to when trying to take photos, it's not as bad in good light, but in lower light situations (something you'd expect a Nokia camera to excel at) it's literally 2 or 3 seconds, sometimes longer than that, between me pressing the button and it actually taking the picture, which is pretty useless to capture things in the moment because the moment has very often passed by the time it finally takes the picture. Has anyone else had an issue like this? Many thanks in advance :)
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Every Nokia 8 user has this problem. Low light photography has not been improved in the one camera update we got, unfortunately. But we'll get another update along with Android P and i hope they'll give us a good one. Until then i suggest you to use Google cam. Many users including myself have it on our phones.
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