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1) Hey. is there anyway to hide the navigation bar? i think there's not. I'm fine with the option that we cant hide the notch. but i really want to hide the Navigation bar and use gestures like Oneplus6.

2) Also. There's no face unlock. i know face unlock is not trusted face. but if trusted face directly unlocked and gets me to the  home screen,. It would've been fine, But no. It only unlock the phone and we have to swipe up to get inside. which kinda defeats the purpose of ease interaction. if you do the OTA. Please make sure the face unlock work on active display also and unlocks it to the home screen.. so it'd actually it gives us the ease in user experience.

other than that. the phone is really
 great and i love every bit of it <3

Dear Nokia. If you're reading this. please fix this in next OTA update and these options will makes us users more happy and makes our hearts content and makes us think that buying this phone is a good choice. 

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