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Camera app bug, bluetooth bug, memory card bug, poor app optimisation

Using nokia 8 for the past 6 months and after oreo update there's a lot of bugs and nokia is not fixing them. currently facing frequent app crashes. its like a headache. also facing problems while saving videos and pictures in sd card. please nokia please fix this major bugs. its currently ruining the whole experience. take time to provide us quality updates. 

I don't know about anyone else but this hasn't been my experience with the Nokia 8, apart from the camera app being a bit poor the overall experience of owning the phone has been brilliant.

Have you tried a factory reset?

Sorry but im facing this issues. Bluetooth searching was enabled but unable to find the device. Then i had to reset my phone to work properly. But app crashes are very frequent. But im a casual user

In case of Bluetooth issues, it's worth a try to toggle the airplane mode on and off. This helps for me with the occasional issues with the phone not seeing any BT devices anymore. Haven't really seen frequent application crashes though, so no idea about that.

user1536520430556 i wasn't for a minute suggesting you wasn't experiencing any issues, it is just what you describe i have not seen first hand with my own or my wife's Nokia 8.

I'd do a factory reset but don't restore from a Google backup, start afresh.

 Know what you mean. Any browser crushes so often on Nokia 8, it's impossible to do my homework. I wish I do not have that oreo update. 

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