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Bluetooth turning on and off continuously

I have had my Nokia 7 plus for about 2 months with no problems. Until a resent system update. I noticed that it was not connected to my garmin watch and after restarting both watch and phone, it would connect for a second or 2 before disconnecting. I opened Bluetooth and can see it turning itself off and on again every 20-30 seconds. I opened the Bluetooth system app and confirmed it was not battery optimised. I have just now noticed it in car, the car tells me it has disconnected and reconnected over and over. Please help, this is killing and other wise great phone.
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Hi, I also noticed the WiFi would not turn on. But, I fixed it. It looks like just a small glitch. After many restarts of the phone, I found this fix elsewhere. Issues with Bluetooth and WiFi can be easily fixed. For Bluetooth issues: Toggle the Bluetooth off and then restart the device. Wait for a few seconds and then toggle the Bluetooth on. Toggle Airplane mode Restart your phone Clear the cache of Bluetooth from Settings Forget the Bluetooth device and connect again. Those facing connectivity issues with WiFi can follow the below tips: Toggle Wi-Fi and Airplane mode Restart your phone Forget the Wi-Fi network and set it up again Restart the router Check the MAC address of your phone and then see if it is recognized by the router Power Saving Mode should be disabled on your phone else WiFi will not work properly. Hope this helps someone.
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