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Delhivery delivery services issue

How many days delhivery is taking to deliver the product when your order is in your city only.... I am in bangalore. Anyone who got the phone kindly suggest..

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I'm from Bangalore.. Same problem for me too..

May its because of Bandh

Boss I got very second day of shipment in Bangalore dispatched 6th night got 8th morning

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 Same is true for me also...

Now its showing Bulk update in the remarks of Delhivery website, not sure what it means..

i am going to collect my phone from the Hub centre. . can not wait anymore. . . today it was closed due to Shutdown.

 I got my phone..hope u did too...

no dude. . I did not get it yet. .  Lucky you  (y)

Where are u located in bangalore?

Can you share me the FE contact number.?

It is out for delivery for me too.

i didnt receive any tracking id with the order id. also can i now cancel my order as it is taking too long to deliver? it has been 5 days.

Wait for some days man, their delivery service is very poor.

you can raise your issue with the Nokia Chat support team. And be in touch with them.

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