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No Stereo output through headphone jack

So i recently purchased the Nokia 7 plus and I found this issue. When I plug the headphones in my Nokia phone I observed that I don't get Studio output while playing some music as compared to when I insert the same headphone in other phone which indeed gives stereo output! Anyone with this issue? Also the audio quality through the headphone is not superior at this price point. Nokia should fix this with an update. Please mention a fix or a solution for the above problem.

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Not studio it's *stereo


Did you have this problem after September Update?

I too have this problem.

I ask Nokia support team.

Solution : Reboot by method below!  

Press "Power button" + "Volume Up button" at same time for 10 Seconds long. Release them after phone vibrate.

After I try, My phone speaker is finally return!

You might want to try!

I haven't received the September update yet ..the problem stays irrespective of updates☹️

And you can clean the headphone jack by "Cotton swab".

I have this problem before.

The headphone jack plug-in sensor is too sensitive by dirt.

After clean it would be fine.

I have cleaned but still no change . I am playimg stereo sound but they sound exactly same in both ears ...both channels are playing same levels.
Hey try to push the headphone jack all the way inside the phone, in my case the headphone jack was too tight the other method for checking if the jack is working is correct is to listen it through Google play music and chage the Equalizer settings
But how to insert all the way ?
The golden part of the earphones should completely go inside the phones headphone jack. Apply a bit of force if the golden part of your doesn't go inside

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Hey thanks so much man! I am so happy! ...never thought it would go all the way down! Thanks again!!
Hey anytime! Happy to help the community!!
I am too facing same issue . The headphone output is very very low . I didn't expect this from a 3 days old phone . Planning to take mobile to nearest service centre. Please suggest any solutions .
Did u insert the headphone 3.5mm jack all the the way through?
I am also facing the same issue with the headset given by Nokia The audio output is very low there is no stereo effect
Insert the jack all the way through...the golden part should not be visible.
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