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Android 9 update

Need to know when is Nokia going to upgrade to latest Android

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@MrBelter how you think that's Oreo, their they are mentioned only "pie" in both tweets

Because the chief product officer of HMD is saying Pie (as a beta) is only available for Nokia 7 Plus and given not a single Nokia user has reported a handset getting a stable version of Pie I'd say he knows what he is talking about.

They might not have meant Oreo but given Pie is not available for Nokia 3,5,6 and 8 what do you think they meant?

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Don't missmatch words, he said "currently" available for Nokia 7plus, he not said "only" available for Nokia 7plus, and he also said that, more news shortly on other products, meant pie is shortly available for other products like nokia 3, 5,6, & 8

What on earth are you talking about fella? Your argument shifts direction with every post you make, one minute you are saying it is available and then you are saying oh no he means it is coming.

Everyone knows Pie is coming but that was not the question posed was it.

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Fello, read neatly what I have written their firstly then comment here, am saying am only copied & pasted Nokia mobiles tweet here, am not said anything in my own words, that's said only by Nokia mobile
Nokia mobile said, currently available but phased rollout & juvo sarvikas said, more news shortly on other products,
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