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Android Pie Update and associated changes required/requested.

PS. This will be a critical review but hopefully constructive.
First of all we need the hide notch option back. At least since Pie comes with native support for the same.
What's also required is the battery percentage indicator. I know there may not be enough space because of the notch but since the signal indicators are now stacked on top of one another, I guess that frees up some space. It can be made so that if there are too many notifications to be displayed then the percentage can be made to hide automatically. Just a suggestion.
The auto-brightness is a complete joke on this phone. It doesn't even recognize it when I turn my lights off or on. Once again since Pie has adaptive brightness this must be fixed with the update, kindly take note.
A double tap feature to not only unlock but also lock should be implemented.
Next is the camera and oh dear, where do I even begin? Its simply not great. At least please maximize the software potential, giving us *true* manual focus and not the one where we can select just macro and infinity.
RAM management is not great either. It's a little bit too aggressive even when I usually have more than a GB free.
It'd also be great if that screen saver remains on always at a lower brightness.
The navigation bar turns black on the all apps screen and it looks plain ugly.
Apart from these niggles the phone as a whole is an absolute peach. And I'm loving it. But these are annoying niggles that does ruin the experience a bit.
We also request you to give an official confirmation of a time frame within which we will receive the Pie update if possible.

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