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I got my Nokia 6.1 plus yesterday. After booting it for first time, it downloaded about 400 MB of updated (August update ), battery was down to 40%. I had to plugin to install the update. 

I thought may be this happens and a normal behavior. I let to discharge completely. Today I charged it from 0%. It took around 2.15 hours for full charge.

After just after around 10-15 minutes of You tube usage, battery is down to 95 %

I am not sure if this is normal ?

Hows your experience ?

 I'd say that you disable the battery percentage and just avoid looking at it. Use the phone normally and seehow long it lasts before running out. I've personally found that battery percentage is not so relaiable metric. Depending on your usage pattern, the rate of discharge will increase and decrease and averaging it out will get you a good backup.

If you are a heavy user, then the 3060mAh battery might not be the right choice for you.

Thanks for comment.. I am not so heavy user... but I saw good reviews about battery on you tube and the experience is quite opposite so far.

Let see its just been a day and I haven't started the normal use of phone yet. Will try your suggestion :)

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