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Battery life

As its said by that the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra with slower Snapdragon 630 and a smaller battery can outlast Nokia 7 Plus...XA2 has a 3330 mAh battery...XA2 Ultra has 3580 mAh battety...and they have better battery life with endurance rating of 92 hr and 100hr respectively...7 plus has 3800mAh battery life and has endurance rating of 87hr only...and my phone actually uses a lot battery life when idle..why dont you optimise the software for it to survive more? Please fix the standby battery usage and optimise it to be better than the rivals... Nokia 7 plus battery life: Xperia XA2 battery life: Xperia XA2 Plus battery life:

And your point is?

The Sony Xperia XA2, has a weaker CPU, weaker GPU, a MUCH smaller screen, with lower resolution. AND costs about the same as the Nokia 7 plus.

As for the XA2 ultra it's the same hardware as the XA2 regular, but bigger in every way than the Nokia 7 plus.

Let me also tell you that The XA2 ultra also beats not just the nokia 7 plus, but nearly all similar phones too, like the Google pixel 2 XL (3500 mAh battery, 6 inch screen),  the huawei p20 pro (4000 mAh, 6.1 inch screen), with like + 10 hours of endurance, which seems a bit funky if you ask me.

Anyway, some phones beat others, and vica versa. Don't be surprised too see differences.

As to why your N7 consumes more battery. There could be a lot of reasons:

- some app doing stuff in the background (has happened to me)

- if you are traveling, let's say on a train, and mobile data is turned on, it will keep switching between stations as you travel - This is really draining my battery in a lot of cases, and there's nothing you can do about it.

- It's android so everything goes

Maybe there's some optimization that can be done, but I won't expect anything ground braking. Maye in Android P

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Talking about the CPU and GPU....better the CPU better is the battery optimisation... that's where the power efficiency of the chipset is seen...if lower CPUs like SD630 on XA2 ultra can pull out 100hr of endurance rating from a 3580mAh battery...means the optimisation done by Sony is better...the main area of fault for Nokia 7 Plus is the idle time battery uses a lot even i turn the data and wifi off and go to sleep... I have stopped all the battery hungry apps like facebook n snapchat n instagram in background...still its the same... When i installed Android Pie beta 4...the issue improved a bit during using the phone...on screen time was better...but the idle time drainage is still there... As it a really nice should be optimised better... hope so HMD does something great to beat its rivals...
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