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Surprisingly good! Small write up and one complain!

I was very hesitant to buy Nokia 6.1 plus. I saw many reviews on youtube that complained about camera, I booked my Nokia phone on Nokia India site and canceled it after seeing the reviews. However I purchased phone via flipkart in 2nd flash sale. The phone quality, looks and the software really surprised me. Its sure worth the price! One of the biggest deciding factor for buying Nokia phone was its compact size that perfectly fits in one hand! Its becoming very hard to find one hand operatable phone with good specs these days. The camera is definitely not at par with best or what Nokia was known for but you can definitely live with it. It is not a deal breaker. The build quality of phone is pretty good. Even though 16k for phone SD636 is bit expensive, the actual phone feels much premium than 16k. The only complain I have is, camera hardware is not a issue, the issue is camera app by Nokia. It is bit buggy. Specially after seeing some videos and blogs where people ported Google stock camera app on phone and were able to get really good low light photos, I am sure its a camera app by Nokia that needs to be address. This price tag definitely requires "zeiss" optics on this phone but Nokia has omitted that. I'm coming from iPhone SE to Nokia phone and my another concern was RAM management. Nokia has done a good job in RAM management. It is really good, so far I have not seen any app reloading or getting kicked out of memory.    

    Anyway, overall I'm a happy Nokia user. I hope my writing will help some of the confused soles who are in dialama whether to buy this phone or not. Go for it, if you are looking for a compact, premium looking, good memory management phone and if you are a fan of stock android! Good luck. 

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