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please add a gesture/shortcut to take the screenshots

Please add a gesture/shortcut (volume Up/down + power button) to take the screenshots. The current method is very difficult.

Nitheesh there is a quick toggle menu icon that you can customise to set up. Pull the notification, next to the date on right right hand side you'll see an option to edit, go ahead click that, add the screenshot icon to quick toggle. They you go. And secondly I think I agree with you they can add a gesture on screen or on fingerprint scanner to take a screenshot.

 Monjul thanks for the comments. I agree with you, but every time we need to goes to the notification panel to take the screenshot. That's a little difficult.

Please add App Lock, Dual App, Internet Speed Icon.
You can take screenshots with volume down button+power button, i.e. by pressing both buttons at same time.
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