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Give Us Security Updates & OS Updates Timely

Its almost 11 days gone in september and we still on august security patch. Please let us know when we will get updates and what are the schedules of that # Being an android one device why Nokia 6.1 plus is not listed on android one Official website? After the launch of Nokia 6.1 plus the infinix note 5 was laubched and is mentioned on android one official website. Are we trapped in a fraud with logos pasted at back and no attachment to googles Android one program

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At the end of the month we will get security patch like we got August security patch at 2nd September...maybe we will get Android pie next because of notch hidden in August patch. Nokia is providing timely updates...

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If they provide timely update then why xiaomi mi a2 got the september update but ours nokia 6.1 plus not and is also not mentioned on android one official site
See mi A2 sales goes down...see how many reviews are there...only one buy that phone...see mi A1's always buggy and to sell that phone they are providing want buggy updates? Less battery...I'm happy with monthly upgrades....soon pie will come...

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But where is the certification that our device is powered by Android one program there is no where confirmation of that by Google
And Nokia 7 plus is getting its android pie as well as nokia 8 also by press release of nokia and as under android one program but where's the confirmation of nokia 6.1 plus?
I think it will be listed soon. Sometimes it's a promotional activity so before launch they put up the device in Android one website. I think it'll be there eventually.
All devices that comes under android one program are listed even after launched of nokia 6.1 plus but its not & if its a promotional activity then it must be included in that but theres no where a single line written about nokia 6.1 plus
Just like we got Aug update on sep 1st..we might get sep update on Oct 1st.. Android one is printed on back side of the phone.. You can always ask the support if you didn't get updates for 2years..And Nokia is not micromax or lava, Nokia is father of all brands including xiaomi... We trust nokia and they won't betray us by telling false information.. First OS update comes to Google devices, here pixel 3 then rest of the devices in priority order.. Security updates are monthly updates and you cannot expect 1st week of every month.. It is fine as long as they provide monthly updates rather than quarter or half year updates like moto.
All andriid one devices got the september update till now & btw pixel3 isn't even released yet that you are thinking to be forecoming updates to them first, the pixel 2 got update on 6th sept. And afterwards all android one devices that are on the list of android one official website but only our phone didn't get it
I said about Android pie, will get every Android one device after pixel 3... If u think you have serious problem with your phone after Aug update then you can chat with nokia support and tell ur prob and ask them the time we get sep security update... I see no major issues so far.. Patience....
There are so many things we have in july patch but they downgraded it and what you are thinking of youself that being saying as you don't have problems the main thing behind the updates & upgrades will be hidden, we need updates as soon as possible all devices under nokia list is getting android pie beta but we don't even have september patches what we will expect if the delivery of updates is like this
Beta means testing.. Its only for pro user. There will be lot of bugs.. Its better stick to stable version. Can you please list the issues you have,So that i can check myself. Apart from notch..
What will you do if you know all the problems as u are likely to be on stable updates there are more than 20 bugs as i reported till now
You seem very frustrated.. If you are so sad for stable 8 and i assume you will cry if you get 9 beta.. Remember its pure Android.. Dont expect more like brand UI. Im a xiaomi user before, I know there are lots of useful stuff in miui and i feel i missed most of them especially built in App lock..
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