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Quick charge 3.0 not working

I purchased a QC3.0 certified charger yet the phone is still charging at normal speeds. I really don't know what's the issue. And yeah the August update had brought flickering issue in video recording and the HDR toggle is missing in camera. When the screen is off, it shows charging rapidly but still charges at slow speeds

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Pls mention how much does quick charge 3 charge the phone in first 30 min.... Starting from zero %... It should be around 50% .. if it's around 30% then the phone doesn't support quick charge 3
Our phone is downgraded with august updates so there might be also a problem arising to qc3.0
The phone does charge around 40-45% in 30 minutes but still doesn't feel like quick charge 3 is working. Don't know if this is a issue after August security update.
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