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Disable fast charging

Hello friends,

Is there a provision wherein we can disable fast charging?

If not, is there a power brick which can slowly charge my phone?  

Thank you.

Simply a charger that does not support fast-charging.

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Can you suggest any charger which is USB type C and is not a fast charger? I believe that most of the type C power bricks are fast chargers. But pardon my ignorance.. 
Sony charger are available with type c cables on flipkart. Check them out

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Will using a 5V 2.1A power brick have any damage on my phone's battery?

As Nokia rates its power brick at 9V 2A.

I wanted to know this before I finalise my purchase.

You can use any charger/brick with specification like 5V 2-3A, it will only charge using standard charging norms, try mi chargers they are relatively cheaper and good quality once.

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