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Stuck on May Update

Nokia 5 TA-1024 in Uk stuck on 1 May 2018 update 8.1.0. How do I get later update.

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Spotted other post about issue with update.

Swapped my O2 sim for old unprovisioned TalkTalk Sim.

Updated Worked!

After several reboots and updates, I am now on 1 August 2018.

Put O2 sim back in and am as upto date as I can be.

Why do I need to do this. I don't understand. 

Will I need to go through this process every month.

Do I need to get O2 involved in a long term fix.

i am in UK on 3 network got all updates on time on nokia 5 ta-1024 just got september update today

Tried update on O2 sim. No update.

Changed to Talktalk Sim, and update worked straight away.

This is not good for O2 users with Nokia 5 phones.

I guess all O2 users with Nokia 5 are impacted.

Will contact O2 and see what happens.

Contacted O2 Technical support.

Have an incident number, and the problem will be escalated.

Hopefully this may resolve the issue. Will update with progress.

Good news. O2 seem to have resolved the issue. I have received and updated October patch using my O2 SIM. Very happy. Hope it continues to work.
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