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Beta 4 (July 2018) - Still no Widevine DRM support


On the Nokia 7 plus devices we have, there is still no Widevine DRM support.

An exception is thrown when we try to access a MediaDrm instance.  Using the 'DrmInfo' app from the Play store also shows this.

We need Widevine for our app (and I assume others do to). 

Hopefully this gets resolved before official release !

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Can't comment any special knowledge there. I do know for example on Debian that there exists a file called /etc/firefox/firefox.js which overrides user set settings can have some things set in it which prevent Widevine from downloading properly. (Or did in past versions of the Debian Firefox package.)

In beta 4.1, drminfo shows L3 support. However it was L1 in oreo.
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