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No in built call recorder and no casting facility as in other android mobiles

I have been using Sirocco I for past three months and I have noticed recently that there is no in built option of recording phone calls as is the case in several budgeted android phones of most of brands, also I tried casting video on my Sony smart TV but the mobile doesn't recognise or scan smart TV while scanning for devices to cast, it was like most medium budget phones have these basic options now a days whereas a flagship doesn't have this, I couldn't understand...?

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Nokia devices are pure Android. That is, if you would like to use in the phone features like the call recorder, you can download them from the store.

Referring to the Cast, this is a function that can be enabled or not, but let us not forget that it has been currently disabled in Google devices with pure android since 8.0 for the Chrome Cast devices usage.

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Hi, can any help in terms of phone casting.. all other android phones are supporting.. Can this be enabled or do we have to buy a new phone?
Actually casting via Miracast has been disabled by Google at the OS level since Lollipop.
I agreed. Casting has to enable here without any limitations. Earlier I was using Samsung and it was really good feature in it. Team Nokia please suggest how we should connect phone with TV .
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