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Compatibility with T-mobile 4G network

Will the US version of Nokia 6.1 , 3 GB RAM , 32 GB Harddisk version, be compatible with T-mobile 4G network.

Can someone please confirm.  I have to make a buying decision based on this.

 Yes, I have the Nokia 6.1 TA-1045 purchased unlocked from Best Buy. Plugged in the sim and started right up. No issues with the T-Mobile network at all.

Thanks for your reply. Can you please confirm data plan works fine with T-Mobile at 4g speed.
Word of advice, don't buy this phone it's a POS, unless the manufacturer can prove otherwise.
What is meant by POS
Piece Of Shit
It seems some of the earlier versions may have had issues. This is fairly typical of most non - premium phones. If you look at the prices of the upcoming iPhone, that extra premium should get you a flawless experience. However, even they have issues, just Apple get away with it easier. Think of the iPhone 4?, the one where you couldn't make calls if you held on to it. Stupid things like that should be picked up in testing but things always get through. Check the date of manufacture in the box, yes, phones do list this! It's the second line on the far left where the IMEI information is etc. For example, 2018-04 Try and get one with the newest date.
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