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Noise through headset.

Is anyone else getting annoying screeching noises through the USB headset? I only bought this yesterday. If this can't be fixed I will just return it as faulty...

I had a quick live chat with Nokia support who had no real suggestions. I will return it for a refund.

I have the same problems. 

I decided to keep the phone after all. I find that if I use the option to prefer 3G over 4G the problem is much improved. It seems that fast LTE data traffic is interfering with the sound

Same here, replaced the phone, no change. It seems to happen with my carrier only, using a different SIM from another operator solves the problem. I got this hint from the Nokia support. As this isn't a valid solution, I bought a BlueAnt Ribbon bluetooth streamer that solves the problem and on top provides superior sound quality over the USB-C to Micro USB dongle out of the box. Anyhow, considering the price tag of the phone it's somehow ridiculous one must buy additional gadgets.

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