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Beta Labs for monthly updates

I believe there should be an opt in system for receiving the monthly updates before the usual wait period (that is, receive them immediately). This should also bypass carrier restrictions as have been claimed as the reason for many not receiving the updates. By using an opt in system the user takes the responsibility for any incompatibilities, but I doubt there would be any, and also allows them to report any issues that could potentially be resolved before the actual official release. I know a lot of users would be keen for something like this. Many users are unhappy with the show release, or even months of no release, of updates for their devices. The end result is they may just but another brand. This will also help keep these users in the Nokia Brand and potentially gain new users since there won't be the negativity of a slow release cycle. Such a system should be available across all phones. Any beta programmes such as Android Pie can simply be another option with the opt in system when it becomes available.

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Wish it was that way but me I don't see the significance of hmd lying about first and better updates when in reality their Android one phones don't even get updates ,it's almost the last two week of this month and u have not yet received security patch on Nokia 6.1 plus .. seriously what is wrong with hmd ?a simple security patch is hard for u to avail,,,what happens when u give android 9.0??even the upcoming Nokia 9 or wareva people won't buy it ,,your loyal customers are tired of this bad software experience and ur busy updating old insignificant devices ,stop insulting your buyers IQ,,people will just say u buy an expensive flagship with crappy camera and no one will even care about it ,,the way essential PH 1 came out at 700 dollars with very bad camera experience they had to sell it at ,230 now ,,good hardware bad software ,now they give faster updates to just keep users stuck on the fon
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