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Plz don't release Pie until it is solid - quality over speed!

I love that this phone is Android One, but wow is it buggy. I don't know if it is Google or Nokia that is at fault, but it is very frustrating and has prevented me from recommending it to anyone. I've probably had 20 Android phones since the Nexus One and this is one of the worst.  Real shame too because it has much that is good and I wish I had something at this price point to recommend to people.

I know that some customers will be hollering for Android 9, but I Nokia will keep in mind how bugs can ruin the experience.

For people who think that Nokia should rush out Android 9, you should know that Google's initial release of a big update is usually pretty rough - we will all be better off if Nokia waits for the first bug-fix release for the basis of their release.

(I know the Essential phone got Android Pie right way, but sounds like that phone is even worse then the Nokia's for bugs - not something that Nokia should be trying to emulate!)

The best solution is to provide a Beta program for those that want speed over quality, and let the rest of us wait until it is really ready.

Thanks for considering my opinion.

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