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problem with my nokia 6.1 plus/nokia X6

as i'm using nokia 6.1 plus/nokia X6 from last 5-6 days, i've found some bugs and facing some issues.. 1) mobile is heating too much even in use of normal things. 2) battery backup is not so good.. even fast charging is not working.. it almost take 2hr.15-20min. to full charge. 3) when i connect with earphones it doesn't show any icon in the notification bar. same for the battery percentage, i've to swipe down notification bar everytime for checking battery percentage. 4) clock doesn't show a.m or p.m 5) notch hiding option is not there anymore, after updating of software. 6) also facing some issue with bluetooth headphones, some times its shows connected but actually it's not.. hope, all this issues will get solved.. Regards, Rakesh

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You have the worst customer support service I have ever encounter. I have never expected this from Nokia. I would never recommend anyone to buy Nokia product. You have the worst delivery service. Please keep aside your arrogant policies and solve the problem of the customer, especially those who have faith in you and buy your product even on pre orders. Improve your customer support website link @ were if one files complaint does not get recognised. Wished you could learn from other big companies in the business who have an excellent and dedicated customer support service. If you continue to do so you will never be a as big as other in the business. Take this feedback seriously and work. Goodbye
The same problems started today
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