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New models for LATAM region? TA-1085, TA-1095, TA-1096 and TA-1100

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Hi all,

Thanks to Nokiamob and all the people scouring the certification databases we get a heads-up about forthcoming models. Sometimes the information is misleading, sometimes we can learn something.

In the USA FCC certification database ( there are details of some models which appear to be for the Latin American (LATAM) market. The included letter indicates that all four variants (TA-1085, TA-1095, TA-1096 and TA-1100) were part of the same certification request and by examining the product equality declaration letter we find that the TA-1085 and TA-1096 are dual SIM and single SIM versions for LATAM, and the TA-1095 and TA-1100 are dual and single SIM versions for the ROW (rest of the world). This doesn't tell us what markets the phones are destined for, just that they exist in these variants. It's entirely possible that these model numbers aren't even variants of the same model, but completely different models - however, I think this is unlikely.

I haven't scoured the reports in detail but there is some interesting information. I encourage you have a look yourself or read the summaries that are posted on various Nokia news websites.

It's possible that this model is nothing special, just a new version of one of the existing models. However, the only existing models which don't have a .1 version are the 1, 7, 7 plus and the 8, so these could actually be very interesting new models.

I'm looking forward to finding out!

Cheers :)

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