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Mystery (fake?) Eurasian certification of TA-1087, TA-1104 and TA-1119

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Hi all,

As well as the models in FCC certification I posted about there are also some models in certification for the Eurasian markets (e.g. Russia). However, the news of these certifications comes from websites which don't link to their source, e.g. the website with the database they've taken the information from. This makes these sources seem less trustworthy to me, but many of the Nokia news websites seem to believe them so perhaps they're okay. In any case, it's a shame that these websites don't link their sources.

However, from one of the pictures I saw it seems clear that it is taken from a website/database for the Eurasian Economic Commission, which has the initials езк in Cyrillic. If anyone can find a link to this database so we can verify these certifications that would be great!

These snippets really don't reveal anything about the models except for their model number, so it's very difficult to judge anything about the models, except they're presumably intended for sale in езк markets.

If anyone knows anything please chip in!

Cheers :)

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According to NokiaPowerUser TA-1104 has just appeared in bluetooth certification with 5 other models, TA-1113, 1115, 1117, 1118 and 1125. However, they don't cite a source, which always makes me suspicious.

They speculate these are all variants of the same or similar models, so could be the Nokia 3.1 and/or 4.1 plus. However, I'd be surprised if they were all the same model as they've also speculated that the 1117 is related to the speculated 7.1 plus which they suggest is the 1131, ... they can't all be the same phone! Or maybe I've misunderstood their reporting...

If they would provide a source for their info we could look at it and make the decision ourselves!

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So the NPU post proved to be from the bluetooth SIG website and the TA-1104, TA-1113, 1115, 1118 and 1125 are all the new Nokia 3.1 plus. It's not clear what the TA-1117 is yet, but I presume it's going to be the variant for China.

Still no clue what the 1087 or 1119 are.

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