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Blackish shadow at notch area display

Blackish shadow at notch area display. Specially left-side of notch where time shows. It is visible at white background. It's little bit frustrating that it's new device and I found such issue which is irritating my eyes sometime. Below notch screen is superb.

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I am also getting the same thing, but I think, Nokia can fix this with a firmware update. I expect from Nokia developers.

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I'm also facing same issue

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yeah, same here..

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I am also facing the same issue..I thought I got a faulty phone.

Is it a software issue or device hardware problem?

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Same here. Is there any solution available for it

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Is Nokia listening .???????

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Don't know. Nokia, don't become Xiaomi. We have switched to Nokia with a belief that after all you can dominate. So, you have to hear the bugs, what users are picking out.

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Same here. Is this hw or sw problem? Nokia? HMD?? Is very uncomfortable

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Facing same issue. More visible on light background.
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