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Signal issues anyone?

I bought the 8110 4G a couple of days ago but I am experiencing very poor signal quality. I got great signal reception with my Nokia 3.1. Anyone else have this issue?

What network? Phone drops WiFi

I'm on the 3 network in the UK. It seems to be a little bit better if I switch it to 3G/2G only, but that's not really a solution; I wanted 4G. I'd have gone for the 3310 3G otherwise.

I've not really used it on WiFi and don't really plan to, so I can't comment on that I'm afraid.

I'm interested to see if this is an isolated issue or if other users are experiencing the same?

Using Giffgaff/o2 I have no problems. I have never got on well with Three when I used it on my 3310 3G. I think it has to do with Three having no 2G to fall back to in case of weak signal.

Hmm that's interesting, thanks for letting me know. I might grab a PAYG SIM on a different network to see if it makes a difference.


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I can confirm that in places where I had with other phones 4G, with the Nokia 8110 there is mostly 3G, which is quite useless in Germany. Even GPRS or EDGE is faster.

Update - I have changed to another service provider (O2 UK) and the signal seems to be better. Even though the signal on my 3.1 was great with Three, the 8110 4G didn't seem to like Three.

Thanks Keith for pointing this out.

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