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what is the MINIMUM recommended free space for overall smooth operation ?

Reason why i'm asking is because i want to do 4K video recording on my 7plus phone.

From my estimated calculations i require around 18 GB per hour of 4K video so problem is my existing balance of free space on the internal (i.e. on device) storage is only around 35 GB..difficult to increase this free space as the system files + my required apps consume the balance space of the internal storage drive.

The problem of this FAT32 file system, which appears to be the sole default formatted file type used on the 7plus phone for the microsd card 'portable storage', is it appears to accept only up to 4 GB MAXIMUM per file, meaning only around 15 mins of 4K video !?!! Obviously i cannot be 'chopping up' my intended 1 to 2 hours of 4K video into many small bits of say 10 mins. each...that's practically ridiculous just to accomodate this stupid file system used !!!!  

So therefore what workable solutions are there to do a couple of continuous 4K videos (each required to be at least 1 hour long) using the Nokia 7plus ? This brings me to my question asked in the tittle above..what's the optimal balance of free space which 'must' be there on the internal storage so as not to cause the entire phone to slow down to a crawl ? Is it around 10 GB sufficient, meaning in my case here i'll only have 25 GB (i.e. around 1.5 hours) to do whatever 4K video recording continously onto 1 file ? 

Have you thought about using a sd card formatted to exfat as android does support that option also means being able to install a higher capacity sd card in

I tried microsd card formatted to exfat, NTFS even ext.4, none of these formats is acceptable to the Nokia 7plus. Instead it offers to format to FAT32 only...i reasonably expect some choice in the file formats...doesn't have to be Microsoft biased only as i also use Linux PC so Linux compatible format also welcome.

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