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How to turn off the phone?

I just purchased a Nokia 3. It is my first Android phone and first Nokia phone. 

How do I turn the phone off? I can't seem to find an answer in the Nokia user guides. So I turned to Google. One carrier said to hold down the power key and wait for a prompt to shut the phone off. When I hold down the power key, no prompt displays nor is the phone shut off. If I press the power key again, the phone awakens immediately, as if from a sleep mode. I really need to shut the phone down right now, as I just received a text from my carrier regarding an update to my data plan that requires me to shut down completely before it can activate.

I tried to ask this question in chat, only to receive an auto-reply that Nokia chat is backlogged and they will reply when they can. I've never had that experience with a brand's site before. So I turned to the user forums instead.

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